10 Questions for Technology Optimists

It's useful for optimistic technophiles to ask hard questions about just what contributions technology is really making.

Eyes in the Sky

Satellite imagery is about to get a whole lot more useful for businesses..

There’s a Bot for That

At least 40% of online transactions could be handled via a bot by 2020.

How Traditional Retailers Can Save Themselves
Waiting out long depreciation cycles on real estate is a recipe for empty malls and shuttered main streets.

Be Careful What You Crowdsource

I wonder if we are pushing the power of analytics too hard and too far.

Why HP’s Strategy Fell Apart
Back in 2008, Hewlett-Packard had a decent strategy. But the seeds of its break-up were already sown.

Where’s My Connected Car?
Continuing pressure on safety, infrastructure capacity, and emissions are going to force carmakers to fully embrace the smart, connected automobile.

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John Parkinson frequently publishes articles online in CFO.  Here are his most recent technology-related thoughts.

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