Over the past 35 years, businesses have invested heavily in the technologies that automate the functions of commerce.

Yet the correlation between these investments and the creation of business value remains elusive.

Any attempt to relate the level of investment and improvement in business performance tends to produce a scattergram, even when controlling for obvious variables such as absolute level of investment, size of organization, industry or age of company.

The lack of a clear relationship poses great difficulties for business and technology managers who must justify investments in new technologies and underwrite increasing operational costs for sustaining the technologies already in place.

Without a clear understanding of how to get improved business performance from new and continuing technology investments, strategic alignment between business and technology is effectively impossible.

Let ParkWood Advisors help you with these challenges, so that you understand what's really possible when trying to "align" business and technology strategies.

  • Creating IT operational excellence
  • Moving to managed services & the Cloud
  • Reviewing & designing solutions for information security
  • Leveraging predictive analytics

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