Competing in the global marketplace gets more challenging all the time

Given these pressures, it's critically important to have a business strategy that's both differentiated - so you stand out from the crowd - and complete - so you don't get blindsided by unanticipated events or the actions of others.

Yet business strategies are increasingly similar - and increasingly based on "me too" thinking that will at best get you to a position of parity with the market.

If everyone's strategy is essentially the same, how can you emerge as a leader?

At ParkWood Advisors, we believe it's time to stop the "me too" thinking about strategy and start looking for new approaches that meet the needs of aspiring winners.

We focus on differentiation, not on copying others - even as we recognize that lessons learned elsewhere can help develop new insights. Our focus is the CEO and executive team. We work only with a small number of clients so we can spend the time necessary to understand your needs and provide the insight that an effective strategy requires.

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